Reason To be Glad


Posted by Farhat | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 12-06-2010

What a joyous surprise plants give, when you  go out and suddenly see the plant which grow from bulb or seed is blooming!  Isn’t that so that you feel your heart has  bloomed.  Only a gardener can feel that  joy.

The same happy moment I felt when I saw gladiolus blooming in my garden. I planted these tiny bulbs in fall and in June they are on bloom.

The gladiolus “bulb” is  a food-storage structure known as a Corm .   The function of the corm is to maintain the plant while dormant until growth resumes in spring.

The corm is actually a swollen underground stem. Each year a new corm is formed over the old one.  On the upper surface of the new corm, buds develop from which the new plant grows the following year.

While the new corm is forming over the old one, small new corms called cormels or cormlets are produced from the base. Cormels are a chief means of propagating  gladiolus.

Gladiolus are very easy to grow.  Just plant them ,  keep them watered and watch them bloom.

Another thing  I love about gladiolus is that they don’t need much space to grow. Just grow bulbs among other permanent plants and in few weeks, they will pop out  as stunning beauties.

Pink beauty, my favorite

yellow hybrid glad

Beautiful pink hybrid gladiolus

A beautiful fabulous scene of blooming gladioli,  isn’t that single reason  enough to be glad.

Peace be upon us.

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