Lupine, Favorite of Mine


Posted by Farhat | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 30-05-2010

Weather has been nice in Perris these final days of May.  I feel an urge to get up and do some outdoor stuff around my home.I love gardening.  I have sown some yellow and  blue lupine seeds although it is bloom time for these plants.  I saw these gorgeous lupines  growing wild while traveling in Menifee back in March.

Since then I am in love with these beauties.

Lupine, Lupinus polyphyllus are perennials. The leaves are palmate compound which means they have three or more veins, leaflets, or lobes radiating from one point, like a palm leaf.

Blue, yellow, white or hybrid flowers grow in clusters called spikes, which look so beautiful when grown in masses.


So I am hoping to get that beautiful scene in my own garden.  Besides, Lupines are said to be  nitrogen fixers that greatly improve soil conditions, thus making soil good to grow other plants. This is particularly important as in my part of Perris, soil has lot of clay and it need a lot of amendment, meaning lot of effort and money spending.  So if  lupine are beautiful and useful then why not  lupine.

Hey, I just came across while searching,  that in Rome lupine seeds were once used as money.  Man, I’ll be the richest if  I go back in history with my home grown seeds.  Well hopefully.  Don’t wake me up now.         I   am in love with lovely lupines.

Peace be upon us.

My Entrance to the Blogsphere


Posted by Farhat | Posted in Pretty is Perris | Posted on 30-05-2010

In the Name of Most Gracious,Most Merciful one God.

First ever blog from my part,wondering what to write like any *new writer. The reason for specifying* new is that for a true and I mean real writer , thoughts overflow in his/her  mind and always ready to grasp some writing media and flush them out

But  if writing is something which can be taught and we can learn.  Then why not start by writing my daily account of activities. Good thing, my daily activities are not planned, so I am not writing my daily schedule but the things that come in my way, or the things I want to deal with.

So  I ‘ll try to write an account of a few things that are in my way or on my mind and hopefully this account will serve as a refresher and fulfillment for my mind and soul.  All  visitors in my blog world , I welcome all of you.