Fruit of Forgetting or Camouflage


Posted by Farhat | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 08-06-2010

Many of us know camouflage  is the adaptation of many animals used to protect themselves from enemies.  They hide  by matching themselves to their background . Thus by deceiving their predator , they increase their chances of survival.  Amazing.

Even more interesting , camouflage in plants. A thing may be new to many of us, but as a gardener, it is in my daily observation.   How weeds increase their chances  of survival by growing among those plants that look like them. The  proof ,  I will share with you in some other post.

Right now I am surprised  how a zucchini plant is dodging me to protect its fruit from picking. I used word” fruit”  because, botanically speaking , fruit is the ripened ovary ( female par)t of a flower.   Zucchini squash Plants, spread like crazy. I pick  them when they are tender. But some of these guys  disguise  and blend so well to their surrounding that I can barely  see them and they are saved.  Well, there is some frustation , but still contended, after all I need seeds to produce these tasteful , tender,  homegrown vegetables next season.

So next time your squash is saved from picking at right tender stage,  Don’t say I forgot,  just blame on Camouflage.

Peace be upon us.

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